Who we are

The Spanish Association for the Discovery of New Antibiotics in Spain (AD-ES) is a non-profit organization that brings together experts in different disciplines and scientific areas interested in the discovery and development of new antibiotics necessary for the fight against multi-resistant bacteria

Infectious diseases have been and will continue to be a threat to humanity. Antibiotic resistance is one of the major global health challenges facing mankind in the twenty-first century. Political leaders and managers of large private entities have the responsibility to approach the future with a visionary attitude, capable of measuring the consequences of this challenge and taking the necessary measures to mitigate its effects. To combat this threat, urgent and coordinated action is needed, including government, industry, the scientific community and society as a whole.

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Mission and vision

Our Mission:

With the aim of discovering and developing new antibiotics, the mission of AD-ES is to collaborate with health authorities and raise awareness among policy makers and public opinion about the phenomenon and problems of antimicrobial resistance and its implication and consequences on global public health, and also to promote the search for new therapeutic agents, antibiotics, vaccines, etc. that will be useful in treating infections caused by resistant pathogens.

Our vision:

Bacterial resistance has no borders and is a universal health problem.  It is essential to think globally and act locally.

We at AD-ES intend to serve as a catalyst between people, groups and entities involved in the fight against infectious diseases, regardless of the scientific field in which they work, in order to promote the exchange of ideas and the creation of multidisciplinary groups. To this end, we try to promote the training of professionals, and promote research in this field, favoring communication between Government, industry, the scientific community, and society in general.

Objectives and priorities

AD-ES is focused on promoting the discovery and development of new antibiotics to combat the phenomenon of antimicrobial resistance, which is considered one of the greatest challenges for global public health in the coming decades.

The objectives of the association are:

To achieve the intended objectives, the following activities will be carried out: